Rossi Model 92 Disassembly  - select an image for a larger view

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Screw Nomenclature and Location

Click Here for an exploded view of the Rossi 92

1. Unscrew the tang screw and remove the butt stock.


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2. Pull back the hammer until the small hole in the main spring rod is visible in the 'V' of the main spring rod block. Insert a small nail or pin into the hole to keep the main spring from flying off.  
3. Remove the bolt pin stop screw.  

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4. Drive out the bolt pin from the right side using small punch. It only comes out right to left. and it only goes back in the reverse order

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5. Pull down the lever part way to open the bolt slightly and so that the locking bolts are sticking out the bottom of the receiver.  You want to be able to see the screws that are in the left locking bolt.

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6. Remove the locking bolt stop pin screw from the left locking bolt.  boltpin.jpg (50366 bytes)

7. Remove the locking bolt pin. Pull both locking bolts from the receiver. 

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8. Remove the lever. Be careful not to lose the ejector, ejector spring, and ejector collar. These come out the front of the breechbolt assembly and are a loose fit

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9. Remove the hammer screw. This is also the lower tang screw.  It does double duty.

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10. Hold the trigger back and remove the lower tang by pulling it straight back from the receiver.  Be careful not to loose the pin that the trigger pivots on.  This pin is normally a loose fit.  

11. Remove the hammer assembly.  

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12. Remove the breechbolt from the receiver by sliding it straight back. 

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13. Be careful not to lose the ejector, ejector spring, and ejector collar. These come out the front of the breechbolt assembly.  Carefully remove these parts from the front of the bolt.  

14. Remove the two carrier screws and remove the carrier. 

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Normally you do not need to take it down any further, but all the other parts (cartridge stop, cartridge guides, loading gate etc.) can be removed if need be.  Be careful not to lose any of the small springs or parts.

Rossi Model 92 Reassembly

Reassemble in the reverse order as listed above. Assembling the bolt, ejector, and lever can be a tough job.  To get them back together:

  1. Insert the assembled breechbolt into the receiver.
  2. With the bolt in the open position, insert the lever.
  3. Ensure the ejector is aligned properly, then close the bolt.
  4. Press forward on the lever to seat it completely into the receiver. 
  5. Align the holes in the bolt and lever with the pin hole in the receiver and insert the bolt pin. A small tapered punch can help align the holes if need be.