Marlin Rimfire Levergun Evolution

Model 1891 - The first side-ejection lever action rimfire rifle made by Marlin. Cartridges were loaded through the right side of the receiver.  Some time later the magazine was modified so that it could be loaded through the front.  The trigger & sear were 2 separate pieces.

Model 1892 - The Model 1892 had some minor improvements over the 1891... such as a one-piece trigger & sear, changes to the firing pin, bolt and trigger spring.

Model 1897 - Basically the same as the Model 1892, the Model 1897 differed in that it was a take-down.

Model 39 - The first Model 39's were made from Model 1897 parts. In 1939 an improved version labeled "Model 39A" was introduced.  It featured a redesigned hammer and coil springs for the mainspring and trigger spring.