Winchester Model 1873

Probably one of the most famous of all Winchester leverguns, the '73's reputation was not diminished by it's starring role in Jimmy Stewart's movie "Winchester 73". Having a production life of over 50 years with more than 700,000 being made, the rifle was made in .32-20 WCF, .38-40 WCF and .44-40 WCF calibers.

The action was of the "toggle link" design, not the strongest design, but more than adequate for blackpowder.  CLICK HERE for a look at the toggle link action.

The variations that it was made in are almost innumerable. There were 3 basic models, carbine, rifle and musket. The most famous of all are the "1 of 100" and "1 of 1000" models.  There were only 8 of the "1 of 100" and only 136 "1 of 1000" models made.