Winchester Model 1894

Model 94

The Model 1894 was the first leveraction by Winchester that was designed for smokeless powder. Of all the centerfire leverguns produced by Winchester Firearms it is probably the most successful. It was re-designated the "Model 94" but it is the same firearm.

Designed by John Browning it has been described as "the ultimate perfection in a leveraction rifle".  It is one of the few firearms that has never experienced a single major change since it's introduction.

Over 8 million have been produced, the majority in .30-30 WCF.  These days it is made in a large number of calibers and has been (and is) produced in a number of variations.  Essentially these are cosmetic - pistol grip stocks, barrel length options, half magazine, etc -  and an ever-increasing number of commemorative guns.

When Winchester decided to stop offering the Model 94 rifles and concentrate on Carbines they produced a slightly more expensive rifle called the Model 55. It was simply an upgraded Model 94 with a pistol grip stock, half magazine and a few other options not available on the 94.  A short while later they replaced the 55 with the Model 64 which had some improvements in the area of sights and the magazine.   Click Here for a photo.

The Model 94 has been made in an almost endless variation of barrel lengths, stocks and finishes. The Black Shadow - introduced in 1998 - featured a modern synthetic stock in black and the firearm itself was finished with a "non-glare" finish and a black recoil pad.

The XTR Big-Bore featured a slightly beefed-up frame, new calibers (.307, .356, and .375 Winchester) and "Angle-Eject".  The cartridges still ejected out the top, but at an angle to allow normal scope mounting.  It is still a Model 94 and retains all the charm of the old gun.