Winchester Model 71


When Winchester discontinued the Model 1886 in 1935 it introduced it's replacement, the Model 71.  Similar to the '86 and using many of the same parts, the 71 was changed internally in a few places to make it better able to stand up to the stronger cartridge that Winchester had developed to replace the venerable .33 WCF, the .348 WCF.

The big levergun was made in 4 basic configurations:

The difference between the Standard and the Deluxe was basically, the standard stock was plain walnut while the Deluxe featured beautiful checkering, a nicer pistol-grip cap, sling swivels and many of them had a wonderful bolt-mounted aperture sight.

Made from 1935 to 1957, only in .348 Winchester caliber.

In certain parts of the world these are still very sought after.