Savage Model 99


This was an improved design of the Model 1895.  It was such a superior one that it was produced for the next 90-plus years with no major changes.  

Made in very many calibers, this levergun has remained popular with many hunters. Originally the Model 1899 ("Model 99") was made with a rotary magazine.  This was finally dropped in 1984. Production continued with the "clip magazine" which had been originally introduced in 1965, was dropped for awhile and then re-introduced in 1995.

Calibers produced include (but are not limited to) .303 Savage, .30-30, .25-35, .32-40,  .38-55, .300 Savage, .22 High-Power, .250-3000, .308, .243, .358, .284, .250 Savage,  7mm-08, .375 and .410.

Sadly no longer produced, the Savage 99 was a leader in it's day.

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