Volcanic Pistol

Under Smith & Wesson 2 models of this leveraction pistol were produced:

Large frame .41 caliber with an 8" barrel, and Small frame .31 caliber.  About 500 of the Large frame were made and about 700 of the small frame.  For a photo of a Volcanic Pocket Pistol, CLICK HERE

Smith & Wesson also produced a leveraction rifle of  .528 caliber... but only about 10 were ever made.

When the company was reorganized as the Volcanic Repeating Arms Co. they built the pistols in 3 models:

6" barrel, 8" barrel and 16" barrel (some with detachable buttstocks)

All were offered in .38 caliber only.

The company was reorganized again in 1857 as the New Haven Arms Co.  The Volcanic was it's main production.  It kept the same frame size but the caliber was changed to .30 caliber and it was offered in 3 1/2" and 6" barrel only. 

During this time was when the carbine was produced.

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Ad for Volcanic Arms
- a screen capture from The History Channel's "Tales of the Gun" -