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South Africa


The Best of Times - The Worst of Times by Paco

The Best of Times- The Worst of Times part 2 by Paco

What Happened With The Blesbok by Roger Cox

Levergunners in Africa - An Outfitters Perspective by Chris Troskie


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Paco with Charmain Charmain's son
100_0504.jpg (28335 bytes)

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Charmain & 
Chris Troskie
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John and Pat 

Paco, Chris, 
100_0527.jpg (57451 bytes) 100_0528.jpg (53108 bytes) 100_0532.jpg (90529 bytes) 100_0538.jpg (67770 bytes)
The Hunting Area Anthony, my PH Laundry
100_0547.jpg (56632 bytes) 100_0552.jpg (50195 bytes) 100_0557.jpg (58759 bytes) 100_0561.jpg (29234 bytes)
RAC and
Roger (RAC) and Z
Jacob the tracker
Anthony and 
his girlfriend, Natasha
100_0562.jpg (50740 bytes) 100_0567.jpg (54141 bytes) 100_0581.jpg (63747 bytes) 100_0582.jpg (65267 bytes)
Cooking chicken My Bedroom View from 
Hunting Area
Anthony's Truck
100_0585.jpg (98091 bytes) 100_0591.jpg (74077 bytes) 100_0594.jpg (45404 bytes) 100_0600.jpg (45642 bytes)
View from the bar Hunting Area My BIG Warthog
100_0607.jpg (5905 bytes) 100_0615.jpg (50148 bytes) 100_0617.jpg (19432 bytes) 100_0622.jpg (80432 bytes)
Paco's Speer Grand 
Slam 358 Winny 
from Gemsbok
Gate to Hunting area
100_0628.jpg (31809 bytes) 100_0630.jpg (50414 bytes) 100_0638.jpg (45785 bytes) 100_0641.jpg (69887 bytes)
A stand at the 
waterbuck concession
My Bushbuck
100_0642.jpg (88824 bytes) 100_0643.jpg (59178 bytes) 100_0649.jpg (65831 bytes) 100_0652.jpg (84623 bytes)
Waterbuck Hunting Concession
100_0653.jpg (59555 bytes) 100_0654.jpg (38666 bytes) 100_0656.jpg (59724 bytes) 101_0665.jpg (114560 bytes)
Anthony cooking 
chicken kabobs
Hunting Waterbuck 
along the Matlkabas River
My Waterbuck &
101_0673.jpg (96549 bytes) 101_0708.jpg (99036 bytes) 101_0714.jpg (54696 bytes) 101_0717.jpg (104207 bytes)
My Waterbuck Looking for JJ's Wildebeest 
101_0751.jpg (67555 bytes) 101_0764.jpg (81478 bytes) 102_0777.jpg (58968 bytes) 102_0782.jpg (50997 bytes)
My Marlin/WWG 
Donkey Buggy Paco and JJ Miller RAC
102_0789.jpg (51058 bytes) 102_0808.jpg (36008 bytes)

Thanks to RAC for the above photos!

Blesbok Blesbok and Trophies

paco_gemsbok.JPG (65722 bytes)
Paco & Gemsbok

PHOTOS - Page 2

We will be posting additional photos as we receive them ....

Thanks guys!





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