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Marlin Resouces Page

Marlin Resources

For the serious Marlin levergun shooter

Marlin Dates of Manufacture


Fixing the Dreaded Marlin Jam


Marlin Take-Down Instructions


Tuning Marlin Leveractions


Marlin Rifle Parts (antique)


Marlin Maintenance


Marlin Parts  (including spring kits and one-piece firing pins)


Marlin Cross-Bolt Safety Replacement Kit http://www.leverguns.com/articles/taylor/crossbolt_safety.htm 


Marlin 1894 Spare Parts  (nice to have on hand for "just in case")

If you are a serious Marlin levergun shooter and shoot your levergun more than a box or two a month you will find eventually that some parts will wear or break. It is always nice to have a few spare parts on hand.

Description Marlin part number Brownell's part number
Extractor with spring 514569 550-000-527
Ejector with spring 501168 550-501-168
Carrier assembly 514561 550-514-561
Front sight 414144 550-000-363
Rear sight complete 414242 550-000-364
Firing pin front 414299 440-414-299
Firing pin spring 401295 550-401-245





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