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Levergun Articles


Articles by Paco

A Rare Find
.357 Magnum & the Literature Why Don't They Fall
.45-70 in Leverguns .444 - Misundersood
7.62X51R Revisited The .35 Remington
1873 Uberti Winchester ... TODAY Black Powder
The Best of Times - The Worst of Times part 2 444 MARLIN&WIN - THE OTHER GREAT BONE CRUSHER
The Marlin 1895 DL The Best of Times - The Worst of Times
The 32-20 Marlin - It's Not A Mousegun Our Littlest Centerfire
Custom Marlin 45-70 Marlin Leverguns
Winchester's Sleeper - the 358 WCF Survival
Looking Back - the .22 Rimfire .32-20 Winchester
.41 Magnum - Sundays Child Heavy Bullets in the .41 Magnum
The Boaring Years Small Charges in Standard Cartridge Cases
Special Handguns I Have Known Garrett - The Man and His Bullets
The .223 Improved Specialty .22 Rounds
The 375/356 Improved The .45 Colt in Leverguns
Long Range Hunting Accurizing the Lever Action Rifle
Unintended Consequences .30-30 Varmint Loads
The 7-30 Waters The 219 Zipper


Articles by Jim Taylor

Trapper Upgrade (for older eyes) Shootists Holiday 2009
Hunting With the Model 94 Trapper 45 Colt: The Best of the Oldtimers
CrossBreed Holsters Handgun Hunting
Family Gun Africa on a Budget    Africa on a Budget Part 2
Missouri Pistolmen Elmer's Bullets
Signs The Rider
The Best A Consideration of Calibers
The Freechec Tool Simply Rugged- Practical Holsters for Everyday Use
Dogs - The Unfriendly Kind Rescuing the Trapper
Christmas 1966 Handgun Mulie
Resurrection! The Remington Rolling Block Adventures with an Appaloosa 
Photo Essay - USFA Sixgun The Shootists USFA
Photo Essay - Freedom Arms Photo Essay - Model 71 Winchester
Comparison of some Powders Bullet Lubes
Secrets of Reloading the 9mm How Hard Does It Hit?
Ambushes & Tough Guys Honor
The Superstition Mountains Javelina 2005
The Workhorse Ridin' In The New Year
The 480 Achilles The Always Everywhere Gun
The Long & the Short of the .45 Colt Big Bore Bellyguns
Leverguns of The Shootists Pistolwork
Blowups Long Range Plinking with the 30-30
Old School Gunology Hunting the Lepus
Deer Hunt with the Model 71 Winchester The Marlin One-Piece Firing Pin
Shooting Buffalo Bore's Heavy 348's Marlin 1894CL Make-Over
Black Canyon Gunfight Early Single Shot Leverguns
.357 Magnums In My Life Riding with a Levergun
Short History of the Levergun The Model 71 Winchester
The Rossi Model 92 Marlin Safety Replacement
The .30 WCF and Model 94 19 Rangers - 18 Winchesters


Articles by Contributing Writers

The 30-30 in South Africa by Peter Held
Leverguns Hog Hunt 2008 In Praise of the 38 Special by Glen Fryxell
Marlin's Microgroove Barrels by Glen Fryxell Mr. Pliskin & the Maccabee Posse by Kevin Gonzalez
Sabina, SABRISA, Odysseus and I by Chris Troskie Handguns In South Africa by Lee Jurras
Milk & Honey by Kevin Gonzalez Elephant With A 50 Alaskan by Bryan Pettet
A Medal For Sgt. Freeman by Kevin Gonzalez Tuscon Torah by Kevin Gonzalez
Mr. Pliskin & The Golden Fleece by Kevin Gonzalez and Tom Ewing Levergun Catalyst by Glen Fryxell
Browning Model 71 by Miles Fortis Calling Deer by Danny Clayton
Hunting In France by Dominique Czermann The Winchester Model 1876 by Kirk Durston
Field-stripping the Winchester/Miroku 1886 by Steve Barrett Elephant Hunting with a Handgun by Gary Reeder
The .44-40 For Beginners by Harry O Make Mine A Double by Michael Stamm
A Good Rifle Too Late by Doc O'Meara Loading Blackpowder in the .38-40 by Harry O
What Would Elmer Say? by Glen Fryxell Why We Don't Have A .41 Keith by Tom Ferguson
.50 Alaskan on a Marlin Levergun by Al Anderson Loading Leverguns with Handtools by Al Anderson
Master At Arms by Bob "Red" Meinecke Marlin's .444 Outfitter by Al Anderson
Bourbon and Bullets By Kevin Gonzalez Old Guns, Old Friends and Cast Bullets Verse 2 by Glen Fryxell
375 H&H Buffalo Hunt by Chris Troskie Early .44 Special Black Powder Factory Loads
by Mike Cumpston
The Red Mist Rifle by Fungus Sam Domo Arigato, Mr. Pliskin by Kevin Gonzalez
CSA 2006 Is You Bullet Weak Enough? by Ken Easterling
The Story of Marlin & the Levergun by Glen Fryxell Two peas in a pod : Winchester’s .44 W.C.F. & Marlin / U.M.C.‘s .44- 40 by w30wcf
Mr. Pliskin's Christmas Present by Kevin Gonzalez Improving the Trapper by Tycer Lewis
The Hitman - Doc Rodgers Day of Atonement by Kevin Gonzalez
CSA 2005 Plains Game Hunt - South Africa by Chris Troskie
Old Rifles, Old Friends & Cast Bullets by Glen Fryxell Car Shoot!
Marlin 39 vs. Winchester 9422 by Tom Boyle 22 Savage Hi-Power & Other Mistakes by Harry O
Comparing 30-30 & 35 Remington data 357 Magnum Safari by Andy Law
So You Want To Be A Crack Pistol Shot by Glen Fryxell The 444 Marlin by Glen Fryxell
Theory on Accurate Ball Shooting by Ed Wosika Overkill & Underkill by Dr. Chris Ryan
Not So Urban Rifle by Ashley Emerson Rifle vs. Handgun Velocity
History of the Repeating Rifle by Jimmy Valdez Making the 357 Legal for Colorado by Bob Braun
Murbach on Leverguns by Terry Murbach A Glimpse Into The Past by Robert Smythe
Leading Defined Winchester's Timeless Classic by Doc O'Meara
35 Remington by Glen Fryxell Cast Hollowpoints in the 30-30 by Glen Fryxell
Bear Hunt by Stephen Nicolosi Why Ballisticians Get Gray by Dave Andrews
The Marlin Levermatic by John Malloy A Nation of Cowards by Jeffery Snyder
Neck Lengths by Harry O Bullet Tests by Mike Rocole
Shooting Heel Bullets by Harry O .41 Magnum Data by Gunner
Rethinking Gun Safety Rules by Chris Bird Lubricating Cast Bullets by Glen Fryxell
The .32 Hand Ejector by AK Church African Quest by Vince Lupo
The Winchester Model 1895 by Redcoat SAAMI Pressure specs
Marlin's "New" 45-70's by John Taffin Where did the "71" in the Model 71 designation come from? by Redcoat
Marlin's Trappers by John Taffin The .38-55 is Back by John Taffin
Navy Arms Leverguns by John Taffin Mrs. Odell Jones by "Doc" Hudson
.500 Linebaugh Primer Test by John Killebrew Winchester's Trails End Leverguns by John Taffin
The .30-30: A Historic Overview by 30WCF Do-It-Yourself Marlin Trappers by AK Church
The Ithaca Model 49 by Brien Magnum Marlin by Steve Lee
Walther/Crossman Air Powered Levergun Belt Mountain Bullets by Al Anderson & Lloyd Smale
Tom Horn's Rifles by D.L. Staley Horn vs. Hollywood by D.L Staley
Marlin 1894 by Glen Fryxell Uncle Bob Taylor by Allen Taylor
Marlin Resources Winchester Resources
The Evans Repeating Rifle by Stephen F. Blancard Christopher Spencer's Horizontal Shot Tower by Stephen F. Blancard







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