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by Twyla

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Custom Knife by 
Big John Delavan

Made for Master
Mark Shuey

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Artwork on a 
pocketknife for 
Nubbins Colt

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redhawk.jpg (20228 bytes)

Twyla has artwork on other materials besides handgun grips and knife handles

pokertable.jpg (28160 bytes)

Scrimshaw on elephant
ivory poker chips,
made like the poker chips
of the 1860's.

barrel.jpg (26965 bytes)
chips3.jpg (25901 bytes)

The poker chips were
made by Paul Persinger
of El Paso, Texas

wildbill.jpg (30679 bytes)

necklace.jpg (29106 bytes)z
Scrimshaw on ivory pendant
on a silver necklace

A cue ball with scenes commemorating the Lewis & Clark Expedition 

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For a Price Quote
email - twyla_taylor@cheerful.com






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