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Marlin Cross-Bolt Safety Replacement Kit 

by Jim Taylor

If you are a purist and detest the cross-bolt safety on the new leverguns, for the Marlin's at least there is a quick and easy remedy... a replacement pin that looks as if it is a screw!  

It is easy to install, and if you ever want to put the factory safety back in, that is easy to do also.

Remember, disabling ANY safety device not only invalidates the warranty, but it can have other far-reaching consequences.  I am not suggesting that you disable the factory cross-bolt safety, I am only sharing what I did on my Marlin leverguns for your information.

Please select an image for a larger view

1.jpg (47062 bytes)

The Marlin cross-bolt safety.... 'nuff said.

All the tools needed to do the conversion.
The Allen wrench is supplied with the Kit.

2.jpg (22530 bytes)

3.jpg (26827 bytes)

Removing the stock screw

Sliding the stock off

4.jpg (43332 bytes)

5.jpg (57859 bytes)

There seemed to be some loc-tite in the hole where the set screw is located.

I had to use a special tool to remove the loc-tite.
I sell these tools for 50 cents plus $3.00 S&H.

6.jpg (37847 bytes)

7.jpg (48145 bytes)

The Allen wrench is inserted into the set 
screw and I begin back it out.

The set screw is removed. Take care not to lose it.

8.jpg (41868 bytes)

9.jpg (10376 bytes)

The set screw, spring and ball.  Don't lose 
any of these.  You will need them.

Removing the safety.
NOTE! It only comes out the RIGHT side of the frame.

10.jpg (13897 bytes)

11.jpg (47404 bytes)

Replacement pin... getting ready to install.
Note the detent for the ball.  Be sure to line it up correctly.

Sliding the replacement into place.

12.jpg (43406 bytes)

13.jpg (22874 bytes)

It sure helps to be born with 3 hands.
If you were not, you may be handicapped.
Ask for help if you need it.

Replacement pin.. looks like a screw.

14.jpg (51765 bytes)

15.jpg (57181 bytes)

The other side of the pin... matches what is
on the frame.

All put back together and ready to go!

16.jpg (56415 bytes)

This kit completely does away with the cross-bolt safety.

Kits are available from:

Clyde Ludwig
PO Box 26156
Wauwatosa, WI

phone 414-536-1101 after 6:30 PM CST

$9.95 plus $3.00 S&H
(if you order more than one kit, the shipping is still only $3.00)

Thanks to the Miles Fortis Digi-Cam





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