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Because of scheduling the CSA we were unable to be in Arkansas for Arbor Day. The State of Arkansas officially celebrates Arbor Day the Third Monday in March and the CSA began on April the First.  That was close enough however for us to celebrate such a wonderful day!

In honor of Arbor Day we selected a tree.  It could not be just any tree.  It had to be that one special tree with certain characteristics.  We had 5 things in mind:

  1. It had to be past the firing line.
  2. It had to be close enough that we could get a clear view of our shots and to allow certain people among us to be able to hit it.
  3. It had to be downrange.
  4. It could not be too far away.
  5. It had to be downrange.

tree.jpg (48717 bytes)

We used a complicated method of choosing the tree which basically boiled down to this scene. Picture if you will several guys on the firing line, a tree about 30 feet away and someone says, "LET'S SHOOT IT DOWN!"  and starts in hammering the tree.

tree1.jpg (29803 bytes)

Over the next 20 or 30 minutes other shooters drift up the firing line to see what is going on and then they join in until the wood chips are flying.  Little guns, big guns, rifles, handguns, jacketed bullets, cast bullets.  Everything gets flung at the tree which stands there defiantly until a lady walks up and shoots it with a .41 Magnum.  The tree begins to fall ...RIGHT AT THE FIRING LINE .. at which point shooters scatter in all directions.


tree2.jpg (39988 bytes)

The tree hits the ground and a cheer goes up!  

While maybe not as fast as a chainsaw, it was definitely more fun!

Arkansas Arbor Day has been celebrated in style.

Thanks to everyone who took the photos .. gunner - cannon's dad - I am not sure whose photos I stole for this.






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