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Not intended for off-road use.      
Best if used before date on carton.     
May explode if recharged improperly.     
Contains no artificial colors or ingredients.     
This product is meant for educational purposes only.       
Void where prohibited.      
Some assembly required.      
List each check separately by bank number.     
Batteries not included.       
Contents may settle during shipment.       
Use only as directed.     
No other warranty expressed or implied.     
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All models over 18 years of age.  
lf condition persists, consult your physician.    
No user-serviceable parts inside.       
Simulated picture.   
Times approximate.      
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Breaking seal constitutes acceptance of agreement.      
As seen on TV.     
One size fits all.       
Many suitcases look alike.       
Contains a substantial amount of non-tobacco ingredients.      
Colors may, in time, fade.     
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Add toner.     
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Slightly higher west of the Mississippi.      
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You must be present to win.      
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Keep away from fire or flame.      
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Not recommended for children.      
No alcohol, dogs, or horses.  
Restaurant package, not for resale.      
Packaged by weight not volume, some settling may occur during shipping.     
Opened for inspection.        
Lather, rinse, repeat.     
Keep out of reach of children.      
For external use only.      
Do not exceed recommended dosage.    
Suggested serving.    
Do not remove this tag until sold for retail.      
Dry clean only.      
Not for use with the Republican Party.     
If left parked for over 10 minutes, may be towed. 
Side effects include excess gas with oily discharge.






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