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                Raton, New Mexico

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Our kitchen was popular Sheri Moreland
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Paul Moreland Jackie Wilkerson Bob Baker Kelly Baker
cimg0690.jpg (64154 bytes) cimg0692.jpg (56449 bytes) cimg0693.jpg (53100 bytes) cimg0694.jpg (54535 bytes)
Kelly & Renee Brost Paco "Let's set down & shoot"
Jimmy Pilcher &
Terry Murbach
Charlie Smith
Fermin Garza
cimg0695.jpg (43910 bytes) cimg0697.jpg (56643 bytes) cimg0699.jpg (51574 bytes) cimg0701.jpg (72130 bytes)
Tom Richardson (left) Gordon Marts Bud McDonald (left)
cimg0706.jpg (53547 bytes) cimg0712.jpg (45300 bytes) cimg0722.jpg (51035 bytes) cimg0724.jpg (54755 bytes)
My daughter Jami shooting
grand-daughter Jodie watching
wild life
cimg0725.jpg (65071 bytes) cimg0727.jpg (60760 bytes) cimg0729.jpg (30522 bytes) cimg0735.jpg (61818 bytes)
Guns everywhere Boge Quinn Competitor Housing Gordon Marts & some of 
his craftsmanship
cimg0746.jpg (35511 bytes) cimg0759.jpg (31970 bytes) cimg0761.jpg (54005 bytes) cimg0766.jpg (69525 bytes)
mostly my grand-daughters Tom Lindner's mom never
told him not to stand on the 
Dennis shooting 
Big Nose Kate
Charlie Smith
cimg0768.jpg (60978 bytes) cimg0769.jpg (71557 bytes) cimg0782.jpg (39636 bytes) cimg0788.jpg (59806 bytes)
Mountain storm Mic McPherson
cimg0790.jpg (54296 bytes) cimg0811.jpg (51251 bytes) cimg0829.jpg (45497 bytes) cimg0830.jpg (45121 bytes)
Some of Mic's handi-work grand-daughter Jodie with
her Uncle Daniel
cimg0853.jpg (39021 bytes) cimg0871.jpg (52000 bytes) cimg0871.jpg (52000 bytes) cimg0873.jpg (44975 bytes)
Leah looking good with a
 sixgun & a Bowie knife
raffle items raffle items raffle items
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Memorial5.JPG (40604 bytes)
Our family group at
The Holiday
The gang at the Memorial Service for our departed 
Shootists - Hal Swiggett, Charles Able & Jean Taylor
A sixgun volley


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Ken Jorgensen of Ruger On The New Ruger 5.56

Ken Jorgensen of Ruger On The New Ruger LCR

Tony Boggus Shooting The New Ruger LCR

Big Nose Kate

Shooting Mic McPherson's Little Levergun

Memorial Service for Fallen Shootists 1 (Judy Murbach singing)

Memorial Service for Fallen Shootists 2

Making Music










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